I’m a mum, an artist facilitator, a creative producer & lecturer in participatory arts, based in Somerset but travelling all over to connect with artists, communities & places.

For 3 years pre-pandemic I took my vintage caravan to festivals & events across South East London; working with local people, organisations & artists to explore and celebrate diverse places, journeys & stories.

The caravan is a little calm space with a unique creative spirit. It’s a place for coming together, sharing stories & food; for conversations & connections between people, cultures & generations. It’s a space for wellbeing & immersion in nature; for growing & caring for the environment and a place to escape for camping trips in the city. It’s a making space; a listening space and a place to map & document the landscapes it travels through. It’s a versatile indoor & outdoor venue for people to experience workshops, film, installations, live music & performance; and a welcoming space for people of all ages to experiment & play.

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a project; I’m always open to new collaborations!

Here are some moments from the journey so far ...

Since lockdown I’ve been focusing on audio and installation work remotely with groups while my caravan is renovated, here’s a sample..

Journeys & Places with Meet Me at the Albany, audio for the Festival of Radical Care, 2021, at the Albany, Deptford

A project connecting with Lewisham elders on the phone for 8 weeks, sharing tales of movement and migration. With Kurban, Stella, Phillip, Grace, Andrew and Hyacinth.

Mother Tongue, 2021 for Emergence Festival, Frome

Mother Artists in conversation via Zoom from their homes and studios, exploring their experiences of motherhood and how it’s changed and charged their practice.

Thank you to all the wonderful groups, artists & organisations I’ve worked with so far, including..

Meet Me at the Albany, Merlin Hayward, Lakeisha Lynch Stevens, Bity Booker, Rugile Girdzijauskaite, Alex Hough, Alan Jenkins, Kaori Homma, Dot Young, Cafe Art, Art Refuge UK, Telegraph Hill Festival, Action for Refugees in Lewisham, The Helping Hands Foodbank, Brockley Open Studios. The Albany, Entelechy Arts, Lewisham Homes, Croft Fest, Deptford Lounge, Royal Parks Greenwich, Elk Co. Furniture, Emergence Festival, Frome, Ginny Adams, Lou Boulter, Amy Bisazza, Tem Gunawardena, Sophie Mason, Steph Wehowsky , Heather Truesdale & Rosanna Shura.

CARAVAN ARTS has been my non profit participatory project since 2017 and a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) since 2019.

For more information contact me, Sarah Phillips on Instagram @caravan_arts or Twitter @caravan.arts

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